Celebrating our greatest strength

April 10, 2017

We know the greatest strength within our community is our volunteers. From negotiating the best compensation deal to representing you in an advocacy case to working tirelessly on pension changes, our volunteers lead the way.

Help us acknowledge them.

If you see a familiar name please say a hearty 'thank you' when you see them. Or drop them an email expressing your appreciation for the work they do on your behalf. 

Executive Board
Wanda Dekleva, President
David Agosti, Vice President
Chris Claiter, Treasurer
Jane Hawkins, Ian Bercovitz, Diane Mar-Nicolle, Ryan Fortin, Shelley Gair, Laura Barnette, Jeff Bryer

Andrew Boden, chair
Wanda Dekleva, Tracy Bruneau, Mike Peragine, Rob McTavish

Chris Claiter, chair
Shelley Porter, Helene Pouliot, Gladys We, Shelley Gair

Nominating & Association Development
Min-Ni Sharpe, chair
Sadika Jungic, Gladys We, Jeff Bryer

Pension Advisory
Richard Blackwell, chair
Gloria Ingram, Ian Hayashi, David Agosti, Ryan Fortin, Jane Hawkins

Salary & Benefits
Jo-Anne Ray, chair
Min-Ni Sharpe, Chris Claiter, Ian Bercovitz

Total Compensation Review Committee
David Agosti, chair
Keith Horne, Gloria Ingram, Christa Chapman, Kiran Bisra, Mike Neudorf, Vladimir Ortynski, Dana Beaton, Ian Bercovitz 

University Affairs Committee
Kris Nordgren, chair
Patricia Graca, Catherine Price, Nancy Cardozo, Andrew Boden

Jovica Miodragovic, APSA Trustee, Board of Trustees
Jo Hinchliffe, Staff Rep, Board of Governors
Carolyn Hanna, Staff Rep, Human Rights Policy Board